Ever heard of dual momentum investing?


Dear Fellow Investor


Have you ever heard of dual momentum?

Neither have I until I read a very interesting book by Gary Antonacci called Dual Momentum Investing: An Innovative Strategy for Higher Returns with Lower Risk.

Gary is an interesting guy and has been around investing for a long time.


For more information on dual momentum investing here is a short summary of Gary’s book.

How much can dual momentum increase your investment returns?


Your dual momentum analyst


Tim du Toit


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What to do with 52-week high and all time high share prices


Dear Fellow Investor


Have you ever wondered why you get the urge to sell if one of the companies in your portfolio reaches a 52-week (one year), or all-time high?

Or do you sometimes find you are hesitant to invest if a company if it is at its 52-week or all-time high?

If you do, you are not alone here is why… Thinking of selling at a 52-week high? Think again


Your 52-week high analyst


Tim du Toit

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Can the Piotroski F-Score also improve your investment returns? (Data driven)


Dear Fellow Investor


On my screener website I just finished an article that I am sure you will find of value.


It’s all about how you can use the Piotroski F-Score to improve your investment returns, not just a low price to book strategy as Professor Joseph Piotroski successfully proved.


In the article I show you what other investment strategies you can improve with the use of the Piotroski F-Score and how you can easily add the F-Score to how […]

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Investing insights that make you go… Huh?


Working like a donkey

Sorry for not posting for such a long time but I have been working like a donkey on a new project, you can take a look here:

On to the insights….


Corporate bonds and “lobster pots”

The best investment letter I have come across in a long time (Troy Asset Management) open the August 2014 newsletter.

In the letter he used the good analogy describing corporate bonds as lobster pot investments, easy to get in but impossible to […]

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Meet the frugal ex UK doctor and value investor firmly on his way to financial independence


A while ago I stumbled onto the very interesting value investing website kaizen investor written by the UK based ex medical doctor Raman Minhas.


Raman is on his way to financial independence through saving and value investing, and writes about it on his website.


Interview you can learn from

He gratefully agreed to the insightful below, from which I am sure you will also learn something new, not just about value investing but also about how you can reach financial independence […]

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Investing insights that make you go… Huh?


Key on a financial newspaper. Growing chart on the background. Camera Canon 5DIn these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.


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Articles & ideas

The Reformed Broker exposes the “Easy Money” Myth.

“What they’re saying now is that “It’s been easy money” over the last five years, and that “anyone […]

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6 Indispensable Traits for Investment Success

by Tim du Toit


Being a successful investor is not hard but it is more difficult than it looks.


What makes it more difficult is not acquiring the mental the skills you need, accounting and basic mathematics can be learned by anyone.


What makes it difficult is the emotional or behavioural skills you need. The difficulty in mastering these skills is that the wrong approach is hard wired into our brains, making it very difficult to take the correct action.


Here are […]

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Investing insights that make you go ?


In these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.

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Cisco blamed a quarterly fall in sales on customer concerns because of NSA surveillance – another example of difficult to foresee impacts on your investments (Financial Times)

Mexico Tries Taxes on junk food to Combat Obesity – Will it be […]

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How badly were you burned by that investment tip?


If your experience has been anything like mine I'm sure you'll agree investing in a hot tip is a bad idea.

Something I am sure has also cost you a lot of money.

Ignore it like the plague
This has resulted in me ignoring all investment tips like the plague. And what I recommend you do as well.

Read about my experience here
You can read about one of my experiences with an investment tip you can read the article Do you also get investment advice from friends and neighbours

We like a good story
The problem with investment tips are...

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