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How badly were you burned by that investment tip?


If your experience has been anything like mine I'm sure you'll agree investing in a hot tip is a bad idea.

Something I am sure has also cost you a lot of money.

Ignore it like the plague
This has resulted in me ignoring all investment tips like the plague. And what I recommend you do as well.

Read about my experience here
You can read about one of my experiences with an investment tip you can read the article Do you also get investment advice from friends and neighbours

We like a good story
The problem with investment tips are...

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Quantitative value investing deserves your serious attention



Are you a classic value investor?

Do you get excited the lower the share price of an undervalued good company falls?

Do you love sifting through the 52-week low, lowest PE or highest dividend yield list?

Something I used to do
I'm also a hard-core value investor but this is not something I do any more as I found an even better way to generate market beating returns.

Lead me explain.

Started the worst way possible
If you are a long time reader of my newsletters you will know that I started investing in the worst possible way.

Because of this I made every possible mistake an investor can make.

I started using technical analysis and lost money. I then followed brokers recommendations (traded a lot) but never made any real money until I discovered value investing which I have been studying and practicing over more than the past 20 years.

A new way of looking at value investing
However last year my approach to investing changed substantially.


Start Saving for Retirement as soon as you can, or


Start Saving for Retirement as soon as you can, or…


As you know investing and retirement are closely linked.

And as a reader of my newsletters you know I am a passionate believer in planning for your retirement as early as possible.

Here are a few articles you may want to look at where I wrote to you about retirement:

What is money death and how you can avoid it

Living knowing your retirement fund is bankrupt

Slow motion train wreck – German demographics

A retirement plan for my father

Start as early as you can
I am thus very happy to post an insightful article written by Thomas Nashng at that shows you why it’s so important for you to start saving for retirement as soon as you can.