Investing insights that make you go ?

In these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.   Cisco blamed a quarterly fall in sales on customer concerns because of NSA surveillance ? another example of difficult to foresee impacts on your investments (Financial Times) In Germany bankers are personally liable if [...]

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Less volatility = higher returns for value investors ? Strange but true

The second quarter 2010 letter from Pzena Investment Management tested an interesting idea and came to an surprising conclusion: ?Given the enormous market dislocations of the 2007/08 period, many market participants have contemplated ways to reduce volatility in their portfolios. Volatility, however, has always been useful to the value investor, [...]

Invest with the Smart Money

A lot of investors, me included, look for patterns in past data they can use to predict future investment returns. While I do not believe in only one formula for getting investment ideas, there are without doubt reliable indicators to at least get interesting stock ideas. But you must be [...]

Worth Reading – 8 April 2010

As Thomas Brown of says in Another Classic From Jamie Dimon the 2009 letter to JP Morgan shareholders is a must read. Straight talk on an American Pastime: OverPaying CEOs More links on the crisis in Greece And now comes the Greek private sector problems as savers transfer Euro [...]

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