Investing insights that make you go? Huh?

In these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.   Articles & ideas The Reformed Broker exposes the ?Easy Money? Myth. ?What they?re saying now is that ?It's been easy money? over the last five years, and that ?anyone could?ve made profits.? Forgive me, [...]

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Investing insights that make you go ?

In these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.   Cisco blamed a quarterly fall in sales on customer concerns because of NSA surveillance ? another example of difficult to foresee impacts on your investments (Financial Times) In Germany bankers are personally liable if [...]

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Quantitative value investing deserves your serious attention



Are you a classic value investor?

Do you get excited the lower the share price of an undervalued good company falls?

Do you love sifting through the 52-week low, lowest PE or highest dividend yield list?

Something I used to do
I'm also a hard-core value investor but this is not something I do any more as I found an even better way to generate market beating returns.

Lead me explain.

Started the worst way possible
If you are a long time reader of my newsletters you will know that I started investing in the worst possible way.

Because of this I made every possible mistake an investor can make.

I started using technical analysis and lost money. I then followed brokers recommendations (traded a lot) but never made any real money until I discovered value investing which I have been studying and practicing over more than the past 20 years.

A new way of looking at value investing
However last year my approach to investing changed substantially.


Ever heard of the Oracle of Boston?

Neither have I but this is how The Economist described one of the few hedge fund managers worth following. That is if you can find something about him because he keeps such a low profile. I am of course talking about Seth Klarman founder of the Baupost Group which manages [...]

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What really makes a great fund manager ? it’s not what you think

I recently came across an excellent blog post called The Handicap of Experienced Investors by JJ Abodeely in his excellent blog called the Value Restoration Project. The article looks at successful fund managers identified by Fortune magazine in 1989. And with 22 years of real investment performance evaluates the success [...]

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