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Learn from the wisdom of great investors

As a long time reader of my newsletters you know I would be surprised if I was your only source of investment advice.

In today’s newsletter I want to introduce you to one of my best sources of continuous learning about investment. And show you how you can get your hands on valuable information I have been paying for since 2006 for free.

But first something about the source.

It’s a US based investment newsletter published jointly by a friend and successful hedgefund manager Whitney Tilson and his partner John Heins.

I have been a subscriber since shortly after they started publishing the newsletter in 2005.

I read the newsletter not so much for the investment ideas, I can find those myself, but mainly for the valuable insights gained from their interviews with other successful investors.

The newsletter is called the Value Investor Insight

Go and have a look at their website and ask for a free trial copy, John will be happy to send you one.



Now for the free information.

Whitney and John have been kind enough to put together a collection of wisdom gained from 46 issues of their newsletter.

These insights are contained in a 43 page document called Words of investing wisdom available for download for free from their website.

The insights are grouped under the following main headings:

  • Finding an Edge

  • Field of Play

  • Uncovering Value

  • Research and Analysis

  • Portfolio Management

  • Learning Curve

  • Of Sound Mind

  • The Craft of Investing

To view or print out your copy just go to the Value Investor Insight website (www.valueinvestorinsight.com)

And click on this picture at the top right of the page as shown below.

Your learning analyst