You may remember, in one of my past articles I mentioned that I’ll be surprised if I was your only source of investment ideas. In fact I would encourage you to look at other sources of investment ideas because only by doing that can you find an investment style that fits you best.

A word of caution.

Be sure to always look for someone that bases his advice on a solid strategy that has worked over the long term, in up and down markets.

In this article I want to give you a few other sources of ideas to look at. They are sources I have found valuable and that provide good investment advice and ideas.


Undervalued shares

My first suggestion is a website called Undervalued Shares. It is written by my friend Swen Lorenz.

Swen became independently wealthy through investing. You thus get ideas from someone that is really a successful investor, with an outstanding track record.

He has got an entertaining writing style and a very good network he can tap for ideas. His ideas are usually focused on very deep value opportunities where companies are substantially undervalued and provide an opportunity for substantial gains.

You can learn more about Swen from this interview Can you become independently wealthy as an investor?

A word of warning.

Swen believes in investing in a very concentrated way and usually has no more than five positions in his portfolio. This is too concentrated for me but it has worked really well for him.

Best of all is advice is completely free.

If you like Swen’s writing and ideas be sure to sign up for his free e-mail notification service (top right of his website) and you will receive an e-mail as soon as a new article is posted.


Interactive Investor

My second suggestion is an investment blog that focuses on investments in small UK listed companies.

The blog is called Interactive Investor and is run by a very knowledgeable investor called Richard Beddard.

He runs a portfolio called the Thrifty 30 which he updates often so you can quickly see what he has recommended and how his ideas have performed.

His investment ideas and advice are also completely free.


Quant Investing

My third and final suggestion is not a free service. It is a stock screening service that includes all the developed markets world-wide (US, the UK, European, Scandinavia and Japan).

It’s a service I developed that can help you generate a lot of really good investment ideas based on the best time-tested investment strategies I have ever come across.

The website is called Quant Investing.

We add the best investment strategies we have found to this strategies page. And new strategies are added all the time as we test new ideas we get, mainly from research papers and books.

I also publish an investment newsletter which uses the best investment strategies we have found to give you four investment ideas each month. The newsletter is called Quant Value.

You can see the newsletter’s impressive track record here: Quant Value track record.


Take a look at these three sources of ideas I am sure they will help you identify a few additional investment opportunities.


And remember, as with all investment ideas, including the ones you get from me, always do your own research.