I am sure you know how difficult it is to find good insights on the markets. Especially if you do not have to time to read the Financial Times from cover to cover every day.

To tell you the truth I also don’t have the time.

And to make up for it I have, over the more than 20 years, built up a list of valuable commentators I follow. People that know what is going on, don?t follow crowds, base their decisions on solid research and tells you like it is without hype.

In this newsletter I want to introduce you to the commentator I respect most.

Meet Jeremy Grantham

His name is Jeremy Grantham, and as many long-time readers know, I am a very avid reader of anything he writes but I am especially fond of his quarterly letters.

He is probably one of the most unemotional market commentators that is able to give you the best insights on the current state of world markets I know of.

Everything he writes about and any comments or forecasts he makes is backed up with hard analysis which he shows in understandable form.

And best of all his quarterly letters are completely free.

Just go to www.gmo.com and you will see a link to his latest letter.



Even though you can get Jeremy’s quarterly letters from GMO’s homepage without registering, you may want to consider subscribing as you will then receive an e-mail reminder as soon as the new letter is available.

Also other good research for free

Apart from excellent commentary on recent market developments GMO also publishes other investment research.

Should you want access to more of GMO’s research you may want to register on their website (it’s also free). You can do that by going to www.gmo.com and clicking on the ?Register? button.

Once you have registered and logged in click on ?Manage My Subscriptions? to subscribe to the research you would like to receive.

I have subscribed all of their research as I find it all of very high quality and full of good insights.

Here’s a quick taste

They do a lot of research on the development of bubbles on most traded asset markets throughout the world. These insights are especially helpful for you to identify where markets are overvalued and you should be careful.

Every now and then they also publish special research reports on topics such as valuing equities in times of economic crisis or if momentum (following the herd) is a worthwhile investment strategy.

Go to the website and take a look at their research I am sure you will find something of value.

Your research analyst