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“Usually I am very sceptical regarding newsletter services – this newsletter however is a very refreshing example of how a newsletter should be. I get the right amount of background information combined with the right amount of advice – always from a different perspective. So far I have read every issue the minute I’ve received it!”

JS, Germany


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Subscriber Comments

Dear Tim

Thanks a lot for all the information in your newsletter. It is one of the only good sources of European investing information I have found so far.

What I would appreciate even more is regional focused European investment advice, for example companies traded on the Xetra German exchange.

Keep up the good work

Daniel E, Czech Republic


Tim takes a detailed and rigourous approach to his investment analysis, presenting intelligent and contrarian ideas that have given me much to consider for my own value-based investment portfolio.

I appreciate his investigative style that digs deep into hidden value opportunities, presenting both margin of safety and a strong potential for investment gain.

AJ, investment banker and private investor, London


Frankly reading Eurosharelab has helped give me another and broader perspective on investments.

I have especially enjoyed reading some historical analysis of markets and the fascinating conclusions about today’s markets. Reading about history has allowed me to re-learn a few lessons we seem to have conveniently forgotten from the past about bubbles and trends.

I find that the Eurosharelab newsletter is informative, non biased & well written – chock-full of information for my investing life. The lucidity, clarity and thoughtfulness of the writing makes it a necessary part of my financial decision making process.

Specifically it has stopped me from investing in companies and their bonds, as well as guided me to sectors and companies that I feel comfortable now and in the future.
CS, Miami Florida, USA


Dear Tim

I recently subscribed your Eurosharelab newsletter and have found the information to be of tremendous benefit not only from an investment strategy point of view but the material is presented, in an easy reading and entertaining format.

I have looked at a lot of newsletters but few deliver their content in such a clear and informed common sense way.

Eurosharelabs’ tips and strategies have drastically reduced my tedious hours of research.

I have and will continue to recommend the Eurosharelab newsletter to anyone interested in the world markets from the layman to the savvy investor.

You have clearly done your homework, thank you very much for arming me.

Kindest Regards



“The world is full of highly opinionated, hyperactive bloggers & newsletter writers that churn out low quality ideas.

Tim’s newsletter certainly does not fall into this category.They are written in direct style and get straight to the point.

When he has something worth writing he does so.When he finds someone else who has already dealt with a relevant topic in detail Tim refers you to their article.

I particularly like the recent note titled “The best investors have this. Do you?” & his checklist.

Keep the letters coming Tim!”

DF, France


“Just a short note to say your article “The best investors have this. Do you?” made me realize that it is important to understand ones psychology, document an investment process and stick to it with patience. Its been a great help.
Thanks for a great newsletter”



“Euroshare newsletter is a must read for every value investor. Value investors love deep and unconventional analysis .Tim is a very smart guy and for sure he digs deep”

AV, Italy


“I value EuroShareLab as great source for insightful ideas in the value investing field. Unlike so many other newsletters, Tim du Toit’s service is creative, well-researched and, most importantly, independent.?

JM, Germany


“Keep up doing the good work. The newsletters are definitely a valuable source of information for active investors. I look forward to receiving the next one….?

PV, Belgium


?In times of an information overload I subscribed to EuroShareLab and ever since look forward to every issue. The notes and information published are the most comprehensive I have come across. Thank you for sharing your experience, knowledge and research with us.?

BG, South Africa


?I have not exactly been the type of guy who took an earnest interest in the stock markets as a source of (additional) income ? it has always been the hit and run kind of attempts. So much has been said and written about the markets and the relative strategies that it becomes really intricate to develop a portfolio that incorporates all the wisdom and pitfalls experienced by others.

Having to read the numerous advices and strategies suggested by zillions of analysts becomes tedious to the extent that one doesn?t really want to see these anymore. When I nevertheless tried again, it was with EuroShareLab and it is the reason I write this.

I found EuroshareLab’s text not to be the pushy kind of stuff, like ?if you don?t do it this way, you will lose out on the market? remarks, but more of a face to face type of discussion working and expanding on the theories and practices of it’s own and many other specialists in the field. It has really opened my eyes to the myriad of possibilities, from building up a portfolio to the spreading of risks, rebalancing and what have you.

A breath of fresh air with a lot of information for the layman ? information not normally mentioned in the daily stock market reports of the media ? I love it.?

HH, Singapore


?I have really enjoyed getting your EuroshareLab newsletter. I have found every issue informative and useful. My favorite issue was the “checklist” issue. I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to a neighbor, friend, or acquaintance give stock advise. Remembering to use a basic checklist and approach my decision systematically would have saved me a lot of headaches. Thanks for the tips and reminders. Keep up the good work.?



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