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Investing insights that make you go ?

In these posts I list articles and ideas from the most insightful investors I know.

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Cisco blamed a quarterly fall in sales on customer concerns because of NSA surveillance – another example of difficult to foresee impacts on your investments (Financial Times)

Mexico Tries Taxes on junk food to Combat Obesity – Will it be as effective as cigarete taxes (WSJ – HT Arko Kadajane)

Russia’s messed up state. The world’s largest country, rich in all sorts of natural resources, brilliant scientists. Yet, everything is going wrong…
Why it is impossible to compare Russia’s wealth disparity to that of any other country (WSJ – HT Dimitar Genchev)

Russia – A modern train and a rotting city (NYT – HT Dimitar Genchev)

In Germany bankers are personally liable if they blow up a bank. (FAZ in German use Google translate – HT Kim Asger Olsen)

The Perils and Rewards of Emerging Markets – Russia
The story of how Russia investor Bill Browder — well-known for investor activism and pushing for governance reforms in Russia — came to clash with Russia’s business elite is a fascinating study in the challenges of operating in the post-Soviet economy. (YouTube)

A research report of Warren Buffett’s lifelong love affair with GEICO
GEICO – The “Growth Company” That Made the “Value Investing” Careers of Both Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett (GuruFocus)

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