As Thomas Brown of says in Another Classic From Jamie Dimon the 2009 letter to JP Morgan shareholders is a must read.

Straight talk on an American Pastime: OverPaying CEOs

More links on the crisis in Greece

And now comes the Greek private sector problems as savers transfer Euro 10.5bn (4.5% of total deposits) out of Greece

Greece steps in to shore up banks

US March 2020 Employment Chart Roundup

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard from the Telegraph does not mince words when he says Sovereign debt crisis at ‘boiling point’, warns Bank for International Settlements

Funnily enough in the BIS paper The future of public debt: prospects and implications Britain is shown to be in the worst shape, worse than even Greece and Italy.

Germany Faces Freight Train Shortage as Growth Picks up not because of a lack of freight locomotives and wagons but because the brake cylinders of mothballed locomotives and wagons have to be checked for rust before they can be put back into use.

There is also believed to be a shortage of 50 to 100 freight locomotives, and on one day last week a total of 180 freight trains were cancelled because there weren’t enough locomotives.

The slow recovery grinds on with as US State Tax Receipts Rebound

You Don’t Need an iPad – But once you try one, you won’t be able to resist

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