The Graham & Doddsville investment newsletter from the students of Columbia Business School is always a good read.

The Spring 2010 issue further builds on this reputation, featuring interviews with:

  • Glenn Greenberg is the founder and portfolio manager of Brave Warrior Capital. (Previously with Chieftain Capital Management)
  • Mike Blitzer and Guy Shanon the Managing Partners of Kingstown Partners, LP, a $285M special situations partnership that has generated compounded returns of 17.2% net of fees since its inception in early 2006, versus negative returns For the S&P 500, and
  • A talk given by Jeremy Grantham where he gave his thoughts on the volatile markets of 2008 and 2009, including some sharp criticism of the common interpretation and practice of ?Graham & Dodd? style value investing.

Here is the link: Graham & Doddsville Newsletter Spring 2010

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