Dear Fellow Investor

Are you thinking about or have subscribed to a stock screener. ?Now what?? you may be asking yourself.

A stock screener is a powerful tool that can give you exactly what you want, but because of all the choices (strategies, countries and ratios) it can leave you completely overwhelmed.

To help you I have put together a short but powerful how-to guide on how you can make the best use of any stock screener.
This free 12-page guide will help you to:

  • Choose your strategy
  • Decide what markets to include
  • Decide how much research to do
  • Decide how you want to manage or limit risk

BUT most importantly how you can put all of the above points together in an investment system that works for you.

Simply click the following link to get your copy of: Your guide to stock screening

Wishing you profitable investing



Tim du Toit