Five valuable investment lessons from 2009 you can apply now


If you follow or invest in the US markets here is the one investment blog I suggest you read.

I read it every day.

The author is controversial, tells it like he sees it, and is probably one of the one of the most analytical market commentators I have come across.

He makes most so called market experts look like they just finished high school.

I am of course talking about Barry Ritholtz and his blog The Big Picture.

Early in 2010 Barry published a list of investment mistakes he made in 2009. It's a list of mistakes I am sure you have also made and can learn from.

But more than that Barry also mentions possible solutions to the mistakes and here is where you can really learn a lot.

As you all know 2009 was an extremely difficult year for investors worldwide and thus an excellent year to learn from mistakes. Especially if you can learn from the mistakes of others.

Even though the mistakes Barry refers to were made in 2009 they are just a relevant in any market as well as today.

If you learn from just one of the mistakes Barry mentions the time you spent reading this article would have been really worthwhile.