Dogs of the STOXX 2009 – Update


5 November 2009


Dear Fellow Investor


In May this year I wrote an article Dogs of Europe 2009 (also called dogs of the STOXX) on the highest dividend paying stocks in Europe.
Due to popular demand I am updating the list.
To recap.

I put together a Dogs of European or Dogs of the STOXX portfolio based on the American investment strategy called “Dogs of the Dow” popularised by Michael O’Higgins in his book Beating the Dow.

The strategy proposes that an investor annually select the ten Dow Jones Industrial Index stocks with the highest dividend yields. All shares are sold after one year and then reinvested in the then ten highest dividend yield shares.

The strategy has marginally outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Index over the last nine years according to the Dogs of The Dow website a site dedicated to the strategy.