Worst investment ever – My story and how you can avoid it


Do you also find it hard to remember your investment successes - but your failures haunt you for ever?

For the life of me I cannot remember what my best investment was. I can however easily say what my biggest mistake was.

This article is about exactly that, my worse investment ever and some tips on how you can avoid the same happening to you (see end of article).

My other large mistake was the sofa retailer SCS Upholstery that went into administration after credit insurers cancelled its cover.

You can read all about my experience with SCS in the article It's never too late to sell.

Here is my story.


Do you get investment advice from friends and neighbours

I recently came across an interesting academic research study called: Information Diffusion Effects in Individual Investors' Common Stock: Purchases Covet Thy Neighbors' Investment Choices by researchers at the University of Illinois. In spite of the dead boring name the study is very valuable as I have recognised the results in [...]

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