Investment rule #2 ? It’s all about managing risk and emotion


Many seasoned of investors were startled - and millions were shocked - by the market's plunge in 2008 and the first quarter 2009.

I was one of them (more shocked than startled) and I am sure you were too.

The decline is best shown by the following graph of the European STOXX 600 stock market index.

(The STOXX Europe 600 Index represents large, mid and small capitalisation companies across 18 countries of the European region)

Banks and asset managers attracts you with how much money you are going to make, how secure your investment will be, and how life will be easier and worry free as soon as you have bought one of their products.

It is a really attractive message I am sure you would all like to accept.

But reality is different and we should all know better.

Today I am going to tell you a hard truth about investing.

It's probably the worse thing I can say if I want to attract you as a subscriber, but I have to say it.

I will start with the bad news and then help you to manage it and maybe even profit from it.

Here it is?