Printing money – A warning from history


Dear Fellow Investor

If you have been reading my newsletter for a while you may have noticed that I am very fond of articles written by Tim Price Director of Investment at PFP Wealth Management in London.

Past articles I have shared with readers are:

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All are definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

What I like about Tim's writing is that he tells you exactly how he sees it even if it may be to his determent.

This is very rare in today's investment world where every so called investment expert spins current market developments to exactly fit with the latest product her company has developed.

In the article below Tim writes about a very important lesson a lot of central bankers around the word seem to have forgotten?.

all except for one man, Axel Weber, the president of the German Bundesbank (Central Bank). Maybe because Germany suffered extensively when the lesson was forgotten the last time.

The lesson everyone seems to have forgotten is what happens?