You vs. the bear market ? how to win


Do you also have the feeling that you cannot do anything right with your investments at the moment?

Everything you buy, irrespective of how undervalued it is, falls even more shortly after you bought it. And worst of all for no apparent reason, no company specific news or announcements.

This is definitely been the case with me.

As I've told you recently my portfolio looks quite bombed out at the moment. Mainly because investments that were undervalued when I bought them declined even more and became even more undervalued.

The only advantage of the market decline is that I am finding a lot of really good companies available at outstandingly cheap prices.

But the same as you, something has been keeping me back from buying them.

I was wondering what that was when I received an e-mail from my friend Vitaliy Katsenelson with the catchy title You Are Not as Dumb as You Think that explained why I was hesitant to make new investments.