With interest rates around the world still at record low levels (and it looks like this will continue) here are a few high quality investment ideas of companies with an attractive dividend yield (dividend investing).


Quality dividend investing

You know not all high dividend yield companies make good investments because you also have to make sure the company can continue paying the high dividend in future.

This is what this list does for you, it gives you a list quality companies with an attractive dividend yield.


How this dividend investing list was selected

Before I get to the list of companies, first some information on how the list was selected.


Only Market Leading companies included

Firstly, to make sure the only quality companies are included; I selected Market Leading companies (large healthy companies) from around the world.

Market Leading companies are non-utility companies with larger than average; market value, number of shares outstanding, free cash flow and sales above 1.5 times the average of all the companies in the screener.

You can read more about Market Leading companies (and why they make good investments) here: Large companies on steroids ? Market Leaders

Dividend twice covered by profits

Secondly I selected companies with a healthy dividend coverage ratio of more than two.

This means their profits are two times higher than the dividend they pay out (Dividend Coverage Ratio = Earnings per share / Dividend per share).

I then sorted this list by dividend yield (Dividend Yield = the trailing 12 month (TTM) dividend / Last closing share price)

No extremely high dividend yields

You will see the dividends are not very high; this is a good thing because research studies have shown that companies with a very high dividend yield (yields of more than you can hardly believe) do not make good investments.



The first 15 companies

Here is a list of the first 15 large, quality high dividend yield companies the screen came up with Click here to read more


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