Honeys HoldingsHoneys Holdings Co (2792) recently came up on the Quant Investing screener’s weekly list of companies with improving fundamentals which means it has an improving Piotroski F-Score.

Over the past week Honeys Holdings Co F-Score increased from 6 to 8.


What is the Piotroski F-Score?

The Piotroski F-Score is a ranking system based on the following nine ratios and indicators:


1. Return on assets (ROA)
2. Cash flow return on assets (CFROA)
3. Change in return on assets
4. Quality of earnings (accrual)


5. Change in gearing or leverage
6. Change in working capital (liquidity)
7. Change in shares in issue


8. Change in gross margin
9. Change in asset turnover

An F-Score of 8 or 9 is good whereas 0 or 1 is bad.

Research has shown that you should avoid companies with a bad F-Score!


More information on the Piotroski F-Score

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Honeys Holdings Co (2792) is also undervalued

Apart from Honeys Holdings Co having good fundamental momentum it is also undervalued in terms of the following valuation ratios:

Qi Value ranking of: 6 (Top 6% ranked of all companies)

Value Composite 1 ranking of: 13 (Top 13% rank of all companies)

Earnings Yield (EBIT to EV) of: 17.1%

EBITDA Yield (EBITDA to EV) of: 20.7%

Dividend Yield of: 1.5%

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Honeys Holdings Co’s stock price momentum

Honeys Holdings Co’s stock price momentum (Price Index) is as follows:

  • Price Index 3 months (current stock price / stock price 3 months ago): 1.3
  • Price Index 6 months (current stock price / stock price 6 months ago): 1.5
  • Price Index 12 months (current stock price / stock price 12 months ago): 1.3

Momentum or Price Index is calculated as the current stock price minus the price in the past, for example 3 months ago. A price index value greater than one tells you by how much the price is up over either 3, 6 , or 12 months.


More information on momentum

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