Have you ever seen a book on when or how to sell investments?

Neither have I?

Only when I set out looking for one did I find one or two. But it was a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack between the hundreds of books on how and when to buy.


Can you answer this simple question?

Before I go on let me ask you.

Have you ever given when and how to sell investments any thought, or better still do you have a selling strategy?

I never had a selling strategy until a few years ago when I looked at my buy and sell decisions over a number of years and realised that I often made the classic mistake of:

  • Selling winners too early and
  • Hanging onto losers with the hope that they will recover.

Is this something you also do?

A hard habit to break

Try as I may, I found it hard to break these two habits. After a lot of research I developed a strict selling strategy which has substantially improved my returns. And I am sure it will help you too.

It has helped me to hold winners and sell losing investments quickly and easily.


How to break the habit

This is what I did…. Click here to read more


Your selling strategy analyst

Wishing you profitable investing