Working like a donkey

Sorry for not posting for such a long time but I have been working like a donkey on a new project, you can take a look here:

On to the insights?.

Corporate bonds and ?lobster pots?

The best investment letter I have come across in a long time (Troy Asset Management) open the August 2014 newsletter.

In the letter he used the good analogy describing corporate bonds as lobster pot investments, easy to get in but impossible to get out of, especially if everyone wants to get out at the same time.

Tempted to try market timing?

Even though the idea of timing the market is tempting, it is not advisable. A recent informal study by money manager, Tobias Carlisle, shows that any attempt for you to try is just a waste of time. (The Globe and Mail)

Value investing in falling markets?

Is value investing a good strategy at times when the markets are falling?
Pzena investment management did some research and found that a value strategy does provide you with protection when markets decline. (Pzena Investment Management)