Yesterday I sent out the latest issue of the Quant Value newsletter.

So far in 2016 the portfolios are holding up very well with the European portfolio unchanged (0.0%), a lot better than the index which in down 7.1%. The North American portfolio is up 1.5% less than the index which is up 6.2% so far this year.


Cash still high

Due to a lack of good investment ideas the cash part of both portfolios are still high.

The European portfolio is 42% in cash, and the North American portfolio (where I managed to find one interesting idea this month) holds 89% cash.

The percentage of your portfolio in cash will of course be different but it gives you an idea of how much of each portfolio (Europe and North America) is invested at the moment.


Why I would rather lose you as a subscriber

As I have said, I would rather lose subscribers than recommend bad investment ideas, and that is the main reason why the cash portion of the two portfolios are so high at the moment.

On average (since July 2010) 155 European ideas have increased by 27.9% and in North America (since October 2011) the average return of all 94 investment ideas is +17.3%.

This month I am recommending some really undervalued companies.


This month’s recommendations

In Europe, I am recommending a Netherlands listed home furnishings company (PE = 11, DY = 2.9%, EBIT / EV = 13.3%) and a UK based convenience store retailer (PE = 10.4, DY = 6.2%, EBIT/EV = 12.1%, EV/ FCF = 7.6).

In North America, I am recommending a manufacturer of laser-guided equipment which automates the spreading and levelling of concrete for floors (PE = 11, DY = 4.1, EBIT / EV = 16.6%, EV / FCF = 10.2).

In Asia, I am recommending a Japanese company that develops and trades automotive parts, supplies and accessories (PE = 8.7, DY = 2.6%, EBIT / EV = 31%, EV /FCF = 3.4).


What subscribers say

But do not take my word this is what subscribers say about the newsletter:


“I am a private stock investor for more than 25 years. Nearly every day I was digging in balance sheets, investor reports, newsletters and surfing the internet.

However since February 2012 I have been following the European stock ideas of the monthly Quant Value newsletter.

After 12 months and 12 x 2 stock buys, the evaluation in March 2013 was extremely amazing with the internal rate of return 33.1%!

And clearly this result with less risk than my previous transactions. “

Guido, Private investor, Belgium

?As a long term value investor, I have found the ideal newsletter.

As investor in European Markets, the newsletter Quant-Value has helped me to add new successful investments in my own portfolio.

On the other hand I have managed to improve my own selection of investments and increase the profitability of the entire portfolio.?

Pedro, Spain


It costs less than a cheap lunch for two

If you are not yet a subscriber at only ?29.90 (less than an inexpensive lunch for two) the newsletter is very affordable, especially if you compare it to the returns it has generated so far.

It is also very simple to sign-up, simply click the following link: Quant Value sign-up


Wishing you profitable investing

Tim du Toit

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